The first official Threyda art book is here! This unique hardcover edition is 190 pages of high quality artwork and behind the scenes photos. 

- Specifications- 
- 8.5 x 11 inch semi-gloss pages
- Hardcover with matte finish

Featured Artists: CT Nelson, Blake Foster, Seth McMahon, Autumn Skye, Jake Amason, Stephen Kruse, Peter Westermann, Cody Seekins, Kirstin Zirngibl, Morgan Mandala, Randal Roberts, Gabriel Welch, Justin Totemical, Brian Scott Hampton, E Howard, Ben Ridgway, Sweet Melis, Krystyleyez, Mugwort, Archan Nair, Jonathan Solter, Monique Munoz, Ian Hubbard, Fabian Jimenez, Matt Mills, and more!

Threyda Art Collective ~ Vol 1 Book