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Morgan Mandala

Morgan Mandala

... a contemporary artist residing in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado, USA.  Morgan is recognized for live performance painting, circular canvases, and naturalistic imagery combined with geometric and symbolic forms.  A call to performance painting has led her around the globe creating art, as well as teaching, collaborating, and learning along the way.

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 I paint to visually explore our connection to the world, each other, and our inner selves living the conscious human experience. Mandalas are graphic representations of the universe - the multiplicity, and the singularity; the macrocosm, and microcosm. I re-interpret and merge objects and symbols in my paintings to narrate facets of humanity and spirituality.  I aim to visually create metaphors for our seamless connection to the world, and open up a wider understanding (or questioning) of what we see and how we perceive. 

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All items on this site are handmade and printed in North America.  Morgan Mandala uses recyclable materials for products and shipping whenever possible.   Processing time for shipments is 1-3 business days, unless otherwise noted in the description of the item. 


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